2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Soccer

2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Soccer

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2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Collection - Topps is proud to announce the inaugural release of 2021/22 Topps UEFA Champions League Collection! Jam-packed with exciting NEW designs and parallels, this debut 300-Card collection features the world’s biggest stars on the ultimate stage! Collect the best of the best in the 200-Card Base Set, and ALL-NEW Insert sets, such as Road to St. Petersburg and 1975/76 Topps Footballers. Also look out for autograph cards and RARE die-cut cards! 


Configuration: 12 boxes/24 packs/8 cards

2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Collection Cards Box Hits:

  • (18) Insert Cards

2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Collection PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Base Set - Collect all 200 Base Set cards, including the special five card Title Winners subset highlighting Chelsea FC’s 2020/21 road to UCL glory. In hobby boxes, collectors can find BRAND NEW Starball foil parallels, EXCLUSIVE to UCL trading cards! In addition, Topps is also proud to debut the official All Star Rookie Cup Team in this year’s collection! Look out for a NEW iconic Rookie Cup logo, highlighting the game’s brightest young talents.
    • Look for foil parallels #'d from 299 to 1-of-1
    • HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Parallels: Starball, Icy Blue #'d to 99, Gold Starball #'d to 50, Ice Black #'d to 50.
    • See sell sheet for other parallels.
  • Future Stars (1:6 Hobby Packs) - There’s a new generation of talent taking over the game. Collect the hottest young stars from the world’s biggest clubs in the classic Future Stars subset!
  • Flags of Foundation (1:8 Hobby Packs) - With the ever
    expanding array of nationalities playing the beautiful game,
    check out this insert highlighting all the diversity that the UCL has to offer.
  • 1975/75 Topps Footballer (1:5 Hobby Packs) - Showcasing the iconic 1975/76 Topps design on vintage stock, find your favorite players and rookie phenoms from around the league on this throwback favorite.
  • Road to St. Petersburg (1:4 Hobby Packs) - The road to the UCL final is long and grueling. These 20 subjects look to spark a run and carry their team to glory in the 2021/22 UCL final, hosted in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Best of the Best (1:24 Packs) - You can’t argue with statistics. Using cutting edge analytics, this year’s insert highlights leaders in 15 unique stat categories, showcasing the game’s best of all time and in 2020/21.
  • Perfection (1:144 Packs) CASE HIT!! - The iconic No. 10 shirt is a badge of honor. Collect the UCL’s most exciting 10s on this brand new die cut insert.
    • See sell sheet parallels.
  • Look for a mixture of Base Card Autograph Variations and Ultimate Stage Autographs across Hobby and Value Boxes!
    • Base card Autograph Variations
    • Ultimate Stage Autographs
      • Parallels #'d from 99 to 1-of-1
      • See sell sheet complete details.