2021-22 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Blaster

2021-22 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Blaster

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2021-22 Upper Deck NHL Series One Hockey Cards RETAIL - The first installment of Upper Deck’s flagship product contains a 250-card regular set which includes 198 base cards, 49 Young Guns cards & three checklist cards. Look for the highly sought-after Exclusives and High Gloss parallels. Insert ratios are average of the entire production run.



  • 21UDH1-RET - Retail 20/24/8
  • 21UDH1-BXB - Blaster 20/6*/8 *incl 1 Bonus Pack
  • 21UDH1-GF - Gravity Feed 6/36/8
  • 21UDH1-FP - Fat Pack 6/18/26
  • 21UDH1-SK- Starter Kit 10/3/8
  • 21UDH1-TIN - Retail 12/9*/8 *incl (1) OPC Rookies Pack

2021-22 Upper Deck NHL Series One Hockey Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Young Guns are the most anticipated rookie cards of the year for the 2021-22 class.
    • Look for the French parallel of the entire 250-card regular set.
  • Another favorite among collectors, the UD Canvas insert returns featuring a collection of the top stars in the game today along with the best of the Young Guns!
    • Chase Card Alert! Look for SUPER-RARE hard-signed & hand-numbered UD Canvas Signatures cards!!
  • NEW INSERTS!! Great new inserts sure to please everyone, from the casual fan to the avid collector:
    • NEW! Honor Roll: The revival of a classic UD insert set featuring star players. Look for Rainbow (#’d to 250) and Gold Rainbow (#’d to 25) parallels.
    • NEW! Electromagnetic & Hundo P: Two intriguing ALL-NEW inserts! Electromagnetic features today’s superstars while Hundo P features players that are known for their hustle. Collect both the regular sets and the RARE Gold parallel sets!
    • NEW! Daylight Nightlight: These distinctively-designed and SUPER-RARE cards are sure to be a hit. Hold one in your hands - day or night - and you’ll see what we mean!
  • UD Portraits, featuring stars and short-printed superstars, returns with an ALL-NEW Black & White parallel #’d to 250 (stars) and 25 (superstars)!
  • For those looking for cards featuring game-worn jerseys from their favorite standout players, the popular and long-running UD Game Jersey set will do the trick. Keep an eye out for game-worn Patch and 25th Anniversary Patch parallels #’d to just 15!
  • Look for Printing Plates from a wide variety of insert sets, including but not limited to: UD Canvas (including Young Guns), UD Portraits, Honor Roll, Debut Dates and Rookie Retrospective