2022 Panini Encased Football Hobby

2022 Panini Encased Football Hobby

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2022 Panini Encased NFL Football Cards delivers (1) Autographed Card (Encased in a One-Touch holder with security seal), (1) Additional Autograph, plus (2) Memorabilia Cards and (1) Base or Parallel Card in Every Box! Encased Football is LOADED with Autographs and Memorabilia ALL the best rookies and legends the NFL has to offer! 

Configuration: 8 boxes/1 pack/5 cards

2022 Panini Encased NFL Football Cards Box Break:

  • (1) Autographed Card (Encased in a One-Touch holder with security seal)
  • (1) Additional Autograph
  • (2) Memorabilia Cards
  • (1) Base Card or Parallel Card

2022 Panini Encased NFL Football Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Autographed Card (Encased in a One-Touch holder with security seal) and (1) Additional Autograph in Every Box!
    • NEW! Look for more ON-CARD autographs in Milestone Marks and Century Signatures!
    • Look for ON-CARD autographs in sets such as: Superscribe Signatures, Legendary Signatures, Rookie Endorsements, Rookie Dual Swatch Signatures, Scripted Signatures, Vaulted Veteran Material Signatures and many more!
    • Rookie Endorsements - Hunt for ON-CARD autographs from the top rookies of the 2022 NFL Draft Class!
    • Superscribe Signatures - Features ON-CARD autographs of some of the biggest veteran names in the NFL!
    • Rookie Notable Signatures - More ON-CARD rookie signatures featuring autographs from the likes of Kenny Pickett, Aidan Hutchinson, Breece Hall, Chris Olave and many more!
    • Sapphire Signatures - Boasts a bold metallic blue autograph on a crisp black signing area!
    • Rookie Cap Patch Autographs - Showcases the top NFL rookies with ON-CARD autographs and unique cap memorabilia.
  • (2) Memorabilia Cards in Every Box!
    • NEW memorabilia sets in Choice Materials and Encore Collection featuring some of the biggest stars in the NFL!
    • Find LOADS of OVERSIZED memorabilia cards in Choice Materials, Substantial Rookie Swatches and Gamers Jumbo Jerseys!
    • Substantial Rookie Swatches - Find OVERSIZED memorabilia cards that also feature RARE prime versions and ULTRA-RARE 1-of-1 NFL Shields!
    • Rookie Quad Memorabilia - Hunt for quad-patch memorabilia cards from some of the biggest names in this year’s freshman class!
  • (1) Base or Parallel Card in Every Box!
    • Collect the 100-card base set, which includes all the biggest and brightest names the NFL has to offer, and be on the lookout for SP parallels and RARE base autographs!