21-22 Panini Prizm English Premier League Soccer Hobby

21-22 Panini Prizm English Premier League Soccer Hobby

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2021 Panini Prizm EPL Soccer Cards delivers (1) Autographed Card, (4) Base Silver Prizms, (5) Numbered HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE Base Prizms, (8) Additional HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE Base Prizms and (6) Insert Cards in Every Box! Perhaps Panini America’s best brand and the world’s best top-flight soccer league come together once again in 2021-22 Prizm Premier League Soccer. With the star power from all 20 Premier League clubs showcased on Panini’s dazzling optichrome technology, these cards are not to be missed! 

Configuration: 12 boxes/12 packs/12 cards

2021-22 Panini Prizm EPL Soccer Cards Box Hits:

  • (1) Autographed Card
  • (4) Base Silver Prizms
  • (5) Numbered HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE Base Prizms
  • (8) Additional HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE Base Prizms
  • (6) Insert Cards

2021-22 Panini Prizm EPL Soccer Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Autographed Card in Every Box!
    • Look for authentic signature cards from some of the Premier League’s greatest stars - past, present and future! Also chase SHORT-PRINTED Dual Autographs!
    • There are four Autographed Cardsets in 2021-22 Prizm Premier League: Signatures, Flashback Autographs, Club Legends Signatures and Dual Autographs.
    • Hunt for HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE parallel versions of each card: Prizms Silver (Max #’d/99), Prizms Purple (Max #’d/25), Prizms Gold (Max #’d/10) and Prizms Black (#’d/1).
  • (6) Insert Cards in Every Box!
    • Find HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE footballers in Prizm’s various inserts including Instant Impact, Fireworks, Brilliance, Emergent and the HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE, ULTRA-RARE Colorblast.
      • Colorblast: These inserts are hugely-popular among collectors. Only the best of the best footballers are showcased in this RARE set, supported by a vibrant, colorful background. A sight to behold if you find one.
      • Emergent: Featuring some of the best young talent in the Premier League. Collect them now, before they are superstars tomorrow.
      • Brilliance: There are many stars in the Premier League, and some of the brightest are showcased in the Brilliance set.
  • (5) Numbered HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE and (8) Additional HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE Base Prizms in Every Box!
    • HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE parallels to collect: Prizms MultiColor, Prizms Hyper, Prizms Pink, Prizms Blue (#’d/299), Prizms Red (#’d/199), Prizms Red Mojo (#’d/159), Prizms Purple (#’d/99), Prizms Blue Ice (#’d/75), Prizms Purple Ice (#’d/49), Prizms Orange (#’d/25), Prizms Gold (#’d/10), Prizms Green (#’d/5) and Prizms Black (#’d/1).
  • (4) Base Silver Prizms in Every Box!
  • Collect all 300 Prizm Premier League base cards. With 15 players from every team, there is no shortage of stars and up-and-comers to collect.