Presell Policy

How does pre-ordering a presell work?

  • Pre-order an item and it will ship on the manufacturer release date. 
  • Manufacturer release dates are subject to change without notice. You will not be notified by us if the said release date changes..
  • If you pre-order multiple presell items with different release dates, your items will not ship until the last item has released.
  • Shipment of presells is all dependent on when the manufacturer delivers the product to us.
  • Your method of payment will be authorized once your pre-order is submitted. You are charged and billed before the release date.
  • If a deposit is allowed and made, the remaining balance is due one week before the release date.
  • You are more than welcome to make payments ahead of one week before the release date.

What is The Sport Shaq's Pre-Order Guarantee?

If you order a product from us and we lower the Pre-Order price; contact us and we'll refund the difference!* We also guarantee that all Pre-Orders will be fulfilled.** Buy with confidence!

If you have any additional questions reach us by phone (1-701-838-0938) (Monday-Friday 10am- 7PM CST) or email (

* Contacting us is your responsibility.
** In the very rare occurrence that there is a production issue and a manufacturer is forced to cut production numbers, we will do our best to work with the customer to find the best possible solution. However, there may be certain instances beyond our control where we are unable to come to a solution.