2024 Topps Big League MLB Baseball 36ct Fat Pack

2024 Topps Big League MLB Baseball 36ct Fat Pack

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2024 Topps Big League Baseball makes its triumphant return with all-new short print inserts, as well as some of the most exciting, fun, and colorful designs in the hobby! Go BIG and build an expansive 310-card Base Set across Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary tiers. Look for Value Box exclusive Electric Orange Parallels! Available in Hobby stores everywhere Summer 2024!

  • Value Box Configuration: 40 boxes/10 packs/8 cards - (1) Uncommon Rainbow Foilboard Base Card and (1) Insert Card Per Pack.
  • Fat Pack Configuration: 1 box/108 packs/36 cards

2024 Topps Big League Baseball PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Dare to collect the entire 310-card Base Set with players split into 5 tiers of rarity!
    • Base Set Common – CD#1-200
      • Common Electric Orange Parallel – 4 per Value Box Base Set
      • Uncommon Foil – CD#201-250 – 1 Per Pack
      • Uncommon Electric Orange Foil Parallel – 1 per Value Box
      • Base Set Rare Blue Foil – CD# 251-275 – 1:18 Packs – 1 Per Box
      • Base Set Super Rare Red Foil – CD#276-300 – 1:90 Packs
      • Base Set Legendary Gold Foil – CD#301-310 – 1:360 Packs
    • Base Set Parallels •
      • Black Foil Parallel – #’d to 25 •
      • FoilFractor Parallel – #’d 1-of-1
  • Good Vibrations – NEW! - Collect the entire 20 card set as if the joy of summertime baseball will never end!
  • Game Day Drip Gold Foil – Ltd. - Players love to show out on their way to the game, and even sometimes show out in the middle of the
    game! This insert celebrates some of the drippiest fits our favorite players have rocked.
  • Topps Big Leaguers - Back after a very popular debut, Topps Big Leaguers features a colorful and eclectic mix of designs by artist Luke Pelletier!
  • THE BIGS! – NEW! - All-new super limited Chrome insert featuring the top-10 call up rookies from 2023, #’d to 24,
    printed on Lava cardstock!
  • To the Moon! Die-Cuts – NEW! - The leagues top home run hitters take flight. Chase this new die-cut insert that’s out of this
  • LET’s GO! – Super Ltd.
    Returning for a second year, spiked into a variety of Topps Baseball products in 2024, Let’s GO! makes its triumphant return in Topps Big League!
  • Mascots - Back for another appearance, collect your favorite mascot on an all-new design!
  •  Big League Blue Foil Autographs & Opening Act Blue Foil Autographs
    •  Gold Foil Parallel – #’d to 50
    • Orange Foil Parallel – #’d to 25
    • Red Foil Parallel – #’d to 5
    • FoilFractor Parallel – #’d 1-of-1
  •  Common Base Set Electric Orange Autograph Variation
  • Uncommon Base Set Electric Orange Foil Autograph Variation
  • Good Vibrations Autograph Variation– #’d to 25 NEW!
  • Topps Big Leaguer Autograph Variation – #’d to 25
  • To the Moon! Die-Cuts Autographs – #’d to 25 NEW!
  • Be a Topps Big Leaguer Scratch-Off – 1:20 Packs As a kid, we all dream of being on our first baseball card. Well with this new program, kids 14 and under will have a shot by entering in to be featured as a card in the 2025 Topps Big League set along with some other big-league prizes!
  • Social Media Follow Back Redemptions – Super Ltd. Bringing stars of the game and collectors even closer, look for these highly limited redemptions to have some of baseball’s biggest names follow you back on Instagram!